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Accountability systems allow public, private and individual stakeholders to measure and evaluate the success of programs. We are dedicated to the highest standards of measurement, review, and accountability.


Modern systems treat people with dignity and respect as they encounter and interact with government services. CAMI supports policies that ensure modern and effective tools and protocols are in place through public and private partnerships.


When public and private sector leadership combine, we have the opportunity to bring best management practices to complicated, seemingly intractable problems. CAMI supports innovation in government program and service delivery.

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Congressman Bacon’s Comments During the Farm Bill Markup

At the Markup of The Farm, Food, and National Security Act of 2024, watch Congressman Bacon respond to Ranking Member Scott and explain why providing states with administrative flexibility to deal ...

Congressman Bacon in The Hill: SNAP changes would stop delays in application process

Congressman Don Bacon recently was recently featured in to discuss the ongoing SNAP application crisis – and the crucial actions we can take to fix the system and help Americans in ...

White Paper: “Modernizing Public Benefits Delivery”

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