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Accountability systems allow public, private and individual stakeholders to measure and evaluate the success of programs. We are dedicated to the highest standards of measurement, review, and accountability.


Modern systems treat people with dignity and respect as they encounter and interact with government services. CAMI supports policies that ensure modern and effective tools and protocols are in place through public and private partnerships.


When public and private sector leadership combine, we have the opportunity to bring best management practices to complicated, seemingly intractable problems. CAMI supports innovation in government program and service delivery.

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Time to Learn Our Lesson: The Opportunities from the COVID-19 Pandemic to Enable State and Local Governments to Work Better for the People they Serve

Stan Soloway | Originally posted on the American Public Human Services Association Americans are finally starting to see there may be a light at the end of the tunnel after a ...

Congress must extend state authority to use contractors to administer unemployment benefits

Congress passes many laws; but the law enacted most often is the “law of unintended consequences.” In just one example: unemployment insurance legislation in the COVID relief package that is ...

Morning Consult: SNAP Deployment Is a Priority for the Biden Administration, but USDA Needs Reforms for It to Work

By John Faso & Russell Sykes | Originally published in Morning Consult The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed large gaps in America’s social safety net. President Joe Biden has focused on ...

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