COVID-19 and the Urgent Need to Modernize America’s Benefit Programs

From its inception, CAMI has advocated for smart, innovative, accountable and modern solutions to improve government programs and benefits. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting increased demand for government services has only further demonstrated the need for a new approach.

As part of our work to champion these modern solutions to best deliver needed services to the American people, CAMI has partnered with the National Center for Coverage Innovation at Families USA. The National Center for Coverage Innovation at Families USA recently held a webinar to demonstrate not only the need for service delivery reform and lessons learned, but to also propose solutions we need from Congress now.

During the briefing, the National Center for Coverage Innovation at Families USA Director, Stan Dorn, and Michele Evermore of the National Employment Law Project provided insights on the barriers to modernization and the problems public benefit programs are facing if changes are not made. In particular, the briefing highlighted issues with state-run unemployment benefit programs and provided recommendations to fix these issues that can be included in COVID-19 response legislation. This included recommendations that CAMI has supported in the past, including flexibility in administering the SNAP program and funding for IT modernization in government systems.

To download the full presentation, click here.